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  Alright, here's my old GI Joe pitch. I barely remember what any of this means. I literally haven't thought about GI Joe since I pitched this. I was into it though... I remember loving that comic where the guy in the Hawaiian shirt kills Cobra Commander.  GI JOE PITCH – 10-18-13   Landry Q. Walker The original Cobra Commander is very much alive. His "death" was actually that of a clone created via the MASS device. This was part of a calculated plan -- as was the consequent shift in leadership. The more public Cobra organization run by Krake has been a diversionary tactic concocted by the original Cobra Commander to address G.I. Joe's   increasing interference, which was inhibiting Cobra's covert operations. At the behest of the Commander, Destro has been using the MASS device to infuse a new army of Cobra soldiers with the combined traits of Snake-Eyes, Zartan, and Helix. This alteration to the “program” that allows reintegration of bodies upon teleportat
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Little Gloomy - the Super Scary Monster Show.

Before it was the Saturday morning cartoon series Scary Larry, it was a creator owned comic in the pages of Disney Adventures. This is back in the mid-2000's, I'd say. Art by Eric Jones and colors by Rikki Simons. Meant to evoke a bit of the old Harvey Comics vibe. Sadly, most of my files on this stuff seems to be corrupt. So unless you have an old issue of Disney Adventures, it is likely lost to the ages...

KID GRAVITY - 2D or not 2D!

Here's a look at some comics by me, Eric Jones, Rusty Drake and others. Originally published way back in the early 2000's. This was arare time where Disney Adventures Magazine (a book sold in every grocery store, with a distribution in the millions) was publishing creator owned comics. Just to reiterate this, as it' seem insane by today's standards. We were doing creator owned all ages comics and reaching millions. Anyone who says there isn't a market for kids comics is bonkers. We did years of this, and it was very successful.


FROM YEAR ONE TO DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: A BATMAN CHRONOLOGY Back in 1986 I picked up a comic off the shelves that changed my perception of sequential storytelling. I was 15 years old at the time and had been reading comics for as long as I could remember. Batman had long been my favorite character. Well, more specifically Robin had been - ever since I was three years old and I encountered re-runs of the 1960's Batman TV series. I was even lucky enough to meet Burt Ward (in his Robin costume) at a car show in 1976. Considering where my career has landed, it is easy to argue that this exposure was impactful. To clarify: I'm a professional comic book writer, and have been producing stories since around 1992. I managed to write a few Batman related comics in the late 00's. But long before this, dating back to that day in 1986 when I found a copy of Dark Knight Returns on the shelf, I have been trying to formulate in my own head a complete and functional Batman chronolog