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Little Gloomy - the Super Scary Monster Show.

Before it was the Saturday morning cartoon series Scary Larry, it was a creator owned comic in the pages of Disney Adventures. This is back in the mid-2000's, I'd say. Art by Eric Jones and colors by Rikki Simons. Meant to evoke a bit of the old Harvey Comics vibe. Sadly, most of my files on this stuff seems to

be corrupt. So unless you have an old issue of Disney Adventures, it is likely lost to the ages...
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KID GRAVITY - 2D or not 2D!

Here's a look at some comics by me, Eric Jones, Rusty Drake and others. Originally published way back in the early 2000's. This was arare time where Disney Adventures Magazine (a book sold in every grocery store, with a distribution in the millions) was publishing creator owned comics.
Just to reiterate this, as it' seem insane by today's standards. We were doing creator owned all ages comics and reaching millions. Anyone who says there isn't a market for kids comics is bonkers. We did years of this, and it was very successful.
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Starting with mini-comics I've been working in the industry since 1991. I was a co-founder of a small press collective called Puppy Toss, and helped produce and distribute an anthology series called Skim Lizard. I spent several years writing creator owned, original comics for Disney Adventures Magazine - most notably a little monster series called The Super Scary Monster Show - Featuring Little Gloomy. I wrote a critically acclaimed reinvention of Supergirl for DC called Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. Wrote several Batman comics, co-wrote the Incredibles comic series with Mark Waid, co-wrote an original graphic novel called Odd Thomas with Dean Koontz, worked in Paris developing Little Gloomy into the int…

SDCC 2013 Signings and Zombee Cakes book!

Hey internet. I'll be set up at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. My general home will be booth 1815 with SLG Publishing- that's right across from the massive DC Entertainment booth. I will also be at the booth (2729) with limited edition Danger Club prints. THURS 12-1 FRI 10-12 SAT 10-11 SUN 12-1.

Additionally, my tiny publishing imprint Idiot Ink has a new book out by my wife. Bee Adams has been painting her Zombie Cupcakes (Zombeecakes) for several years now, but this is here first book. Zombee Cupcakes - A Tale of Tummyaches. She will be selling and signing the book at the SLG Booth at various times of the day.

Here's the entire book. They're 5 dollars if you want a printed copy. 6 x 6 on nice paper with a heavy stock glossy cover. Come by the SLG booth, or email her at the address on the last page. Thanks!

Hey all digital comics readers! Danger Club #5 from Comixology is missing a page! We're looking into this and will have it sorted ASAP! Apologies!