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Danger Club #6 Solicitation...


art / cover ERIC JONES

32 PAGES / FC / T+
As all of reality collapses, Kid Vigilante travels through the land of the dead in search of salvation.

Jamal Igle's Molly Danger Kickstarter...

Hi again internet. Just wanted to come by and encourage support for Jamal Igle's upcoming comic project: Molly Danger. It looks great, and I have alot of respect for where Jamal is coming from with this book. You can read more about it and donate to the Kickstarter fund via the link below:

Danger Club #4 - Running late and here's why...

Hello, comic-book-reading people.

So you might have noticed that the new issue of Danger Club is late. If you haven’t noticed, then pretend I never said anything and go about your business. For the rest of you, here’s the deal:

Several weeks ago two of colorist Michael (Rusty) Drake’s kids were hit by a truck while riding their bikes home from the store. The short version is that they are both okay. The longer version is that Rusty’s son suffered a brain contusion and his daughter an injured ankle. This meant several days of stress and uncertainty. Things are better now, and both kids are home from the hospital and receiving continued treatment.

The upshot here is that the latest issue of Danger Club is now running late. Though we hoped to catch up, life has a way of putting things on hold and we’re unwilling to replace any member of our team under such circumstances. Please rest assured that the book is well underway, and that it will be out soon. Also please understand that this does s…