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Incredibles #1 - Reviews!

I'm a bit behind in posting. This has been a crazy roller coaster of a month so far. Regardless, here are the reviews I have found for issue #1 of The Incredibles.

Graphicontent: "Perfect for all ages -- and I mean that: all ages."

Breakfast For Dinner: "This title is a natural for me. I was excited while reading it and I’m excited for the next issue."

CBR: "Where Mark Waid and Landry Walker shine here is in nailing the voices of the characters."

BW Media: "What they got right: Everything"

Stroller Derby: "This is a pretty good all ages book."

This one isn't a review, but the nice folk over at Scans Daily discussed the first issue here.

So people like the book. However, there were also some concerns noted by the reviewers above. As seen below:

Breakfast For Dinner: "There is something about this issue, either how the plot is structured or all the new characters tossed into these 22 pages, that suggests maybe Waid is trying to writ…

Incredibles #1 - In stores now!

Another new comic out today. This time it's my first issue of the Incredibles, co-written with the relatively unknown Mark Waid. Check out a preview of our collaboration here.

It's unusual for me to have two comics come out in such rapid succession. Knowing that the two books would cross paths like this, I purposefully choose a different writing style for each. Batman is my first real attempt at a narrative voice. Something I purposefully avoided for almost 20 years of comics writing. Early on, I felt it would be a crutch. Now it's just fun. The Incredibles is more traditional writing for me. Lots of characters, arguing with each other. Anyone familiar with my pre-Supergirl work should find the pacing and style of this familiar.

I don't know if familiar = good. In fact, I hear it actually breeds contempt.

Batman reviews!

Well, our first issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold has been on shelves for a few days, and we now have some reviews. It's a bit of an exercise in anxiety, waiting to see if people like or hate your work. I mean, I wrote this book back in April. Eric finished drawing it in... May? I don't know. I don't really pay attention to what Eric does.

Anyway... this issue seems like a relic of the distant past to me. I'm currently working on my issue for next April and May concurrently. This thing? Ancient. That said, I think it may be one of our more fun issues of Batman. And by fun, it probably has our most bizarre moment. A moment that almost everybody who reads it comments on.

I'm talking specifically about this:

People seem to like the Penguin getting hit in the face with a seal. Anyway, here's the reviews:

Too Dangerous For A Girl

"it's a fast, fun ride by Eric Jones and Landry Q Walker"

Every Day Is Like Wednesday

"Landry Walker’s set-up is pretty…