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Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The End

So... Batman: The Brave and the Bold. We've known for some time that the book will be relaunched.  Sadly Eric and I are not involved - which is often the way of these things.

But we do have one more issue, due out in September. It's a team-up with Hal Jordan (see cover below). I actually wrote that issue over a year ago. But scheduling issues lead it to being pushed back multiple times. Still, I am happy with it. One of the few where Eric and I introduced some of our own villains rather than simply use existing characters.

Overall, we had some pretty big plans. More than we would likely ever have been able to execute. But that's how you do it. Seed in what you can in case you have room for it down the road.

Anyway, given a perfect world we would have revealed the truth behind the appearance of The Void - an entity from the realm of Quasi-Space and how he relates to the manifestation of Y'gg Phu Soggoth. And then there's The Moon Gang, straight from our Supergirl …


Yes, I now have a Twitter account. Again. I tried one out when the whole thing was new. Didn't like it then. Probably won't like it now. But I'm giving it a shot.

So... follow me on Twitter. For some reason.

Incredibles - The real Ungorilla.

I originally created The Ungorilla as a Batman villain. The character was very specifically envisioned as "not a monkey". To tell the truth, I'm tired of talking gorilla villains. And I generally think the world of the Incredibles should be populated by guys in spandex-like uniforms. Anyway, the Ungorilla = Batman villian. A guy who looked about as much like a gorilla as Spider-Man looks like a spider. King Kreep (of Idiot Ink Productions, which I am now a part of) came in and did some designs, as seen here:

So I was all set to use him in Batman: The brave and the Bold. But an opportunity to use him in the Incredibles came first. So there you go. He's now a enemy of The Incredibles instead of Batman.

What was strange was that the end result looked nothing like Kreep's designs. This isn't a terrible thing, but it did lead me to re-envisioning the character and shaping new plans for his future. Maybe I'll use The Ungorilla's original design for somethin…

Preview - Incredibles #12

New issue of the Incredibles - in store the 4th. Here's a preview:

This issue kicks off a new arc. It's also the arc where the long promised Unforgiveables storyline starts ramping up.

And for the record, that's ice that Mr. Incredible is struggling to lift.