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Time for a donut waterfall.

Today is my wife's birthday. But I didn't get to see her. Instead it was kind of a general bad news day. But the nice thing about hitting bottom is that things can only go up. On that note: It's time for a donut waterfall.

This drawing is really the fault of Sterling Gates, who made an off hand comment on Twitter and then Eric Jones ran with it and drew the thing. And yes, that is me drowning on the torrent of donuts.

I totally (accidently) stole a bit from Peter David.

At the end of the new issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, there's a quick bit of dialog between Batman and Green Lantern (Hal) where I inadvertently swiped a bit of Peter David's from the Hulk. I wish I had caught it sooner (much, much sooner). But that's how it goes sometimes. Anyway, it's not a part that is important to the story, just a clever throwaway device that helps explain a potential logical gap. But it was Peter's cleverness, not mine.

For anyone wondering, the original scene in question transpired in (I think) The Hulk #375. Please check it out.

I'm just glad I caught it before anyone else did and pointed it out. Because then I would feel doubly foolish.

Review! Incredibles #14

Chad Nevett at CBR reviews the newest issue of The Incredibles:

"The Incredibles" is, quite simply, one of the best superhero books on the stands. Is it a cliché and a little lazy to say that sort of thing? Perhaps, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Each issue is full of energy, excitement, fun, and the sort of superhero stories that any fan of the genre will love. This week’s issue is no exception, featuring the beginning of the payoff to long-running subplot surrounding the Incredibles’ villains, more giant robots than you’d expect, and some funny rants by the Underminer.

Read the rest of the review here:

Two new comics - In stores now!

Apparently, I have two new comics out today. My last issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold (#21) and issue 14 of The Incredibles.

This issue of Batman was actually one of the earliest I wrote, and was originally supposed to come out in January. But it was bumped back repeatedly for a variety of reasons. It's not really the issue I would have chosen to exit on, as I had a loose pattern to story type I was following. Some issues were meant to be sillier than others, and this one is certainly a bit silly. I'm still very happy with it, but just not my first choice to exit on.

That said, it introduces some new villains. Mostly, Eric and I stuck to using existing characters. This one we decided to create some of our own.

This issue comes out a almost exactly a year to the day from when the first issue I wrote came out. I kind of like that.

Anyway, here's the covers for the two new books:

I love it when I have two books out on the same day.

Preview! The Incredibles #14

CBR has a preview of this Wednesday's (September 29th?) issue of The Incredibles. Here's my favorite page:

I like writing pages where people get kicked in the face.

New Article at - The (f)Art of Storytelling

Hi there, internet. It’s been awhile. I used to write articles about video games, then I went away for awhile and wrote a very long graphic novel. It turns out that writing a graphic novel is kind of like getting kicked in the balls with the alphabet. Anyway, the book is done and I have a few moments free before some other deadline rears its head and the alphabet ball-kicking thing starts all over again. So I’m back...

Read the rest HERE.

In stores now: The Incredibles: Secrets and Lies.

Collecting issues 8-11 and apparently available right now. Written by me with art by Marcio Takara.

Mrs. Incredible faces an unwelcome figure from her past plotting to destroy all of
Europe; what’s worse, they share a secret history she doesn’t want Mr. Incredible finding out! Will the mysterious Mirage keep her secret, and can she be trusted to watch Mrs. Incredible’s back? Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible and Frozone take it upon themselves to train Dash, and Violet makes a mistake that may have unexpected consequences for the Parr family.

Preview available here.

Preview - Incredibles #13

In stores Wednesday September 8th, or maybe Thursday September 9th due to Labor Day. The Incredibles #13, written by me and drawn by Ramanda Karmaga.