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Go to hell, (a few very specific) Kate Beaton fans.

Look, I get that you were anxious to see Kate Beaton speak on a panel at APE this past weekend. Her comics are awesome and her art is fantastic. By all accounts, she's also very nice. I'm a fan of her work myself. So... sure. You want to make sure you have good seats. I get that.

But listen, that panel you came in on that was only halfway through? The one that was running before Kate Beaton's panel? The one that you pushed your way into the few empty seats left up near the front - sandwiching your way in-between teary eyed - and in some cases - openly weeping people?

It was a fucking memorial.

Yeah, you basically crashed a memorial for someone very dear to the world of comics who died at a young age just so you could make sure you had the very best seats to see Kate Beaton talk in a panel that will probably be available on the internet.

Now, to be fair: Some of you waited patiently in the back. No problem with you guys. Some of you didn't wait in the back - but had the g…