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New release: The Incredibles #11

This issue marks the end of the current arc, and paves the road for the next 8 issues.

Tomorrow I will post some convention highlights.

SDCC 2010

So this is what, the eighteenth SDCC in a row for me? Okay. Little sleepy.

X-Ray Studios will have it's own booth this year. Booth 1630. Sharing space with Sparkplug Comics and Tom Neely. Looking forward to that. Anyway, this show will be the beginning of our association with Idiot Ink. More on that in the future.

Also: We have news. We will report it soon. No, it's not about Supergirl. I wish it were too. Sorry.

In stores! Batman: The Brave and the Bold issue 18!

Yeah... this arrived a week or two ago. But with the convention looming and a 160 page graphic novel to work on... well... you know. Anyway, here's some reviews.

BWMEDIA SPOTLIGHT: "Even if you have the sampler, I recommend picking this up."

CBR: "...another example of a solid superhero comic written and drawn well."

Axiom's Edge: "Another good kid-friendly “epic” in this line."

Every Day is Like Wednesday: "I love Walker’s Brave and the Bold Batman."

Pull List Podcast: "One of my favorite teams on Batman: The Brave and the Bold." 

Hero Sandwich: "Verdict: Thumbs up. Fun story with a few twists and turns. "

ComixTreme: "Walker and Jones are easily one of the finest creative teams doing all-ages comics today, and while this is good work, it's not really their best."

Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog: "Good stuff in this one, but I wonder if it'll go above the heads of some younger readers?"

In general, this …