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Rise of the Dead - our lost zombie story.

So, several years ago (maybe 2002?) Eric Jones, Ivan Merritt and I sat down to work on a zombie story. This was the result - Rise of the Dead - a pitch designed for either a comic series or a TV show. Eric and I had been producing zombie stories since the mid-90's (though only a few were published). This collaboration on what had been a mostly ignored genre of horror culminated in the editing of a zombie anthology comic for SLG Publishing titled Zombie-O-rama.

We wanted to go further with this series, but it sadly was never picked up as a comic. We made a small bit of headway on having it produced in animation, but an agent we were working with at the time dismissed zombies as a dead end and ultimately vanished while working on this and our Little Gloomy option with 1492. We resolved our option with 1492 without an agent and saved the 10%. Sadly, we never were able to generate any further interest in Rise of the Dead.

The agent we were working purportedly with went on to help p…