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Reviews. Batman: Brave and the Bold #12

First up, we have a podcast rather than a text review. The Pull List Podcast by Craig and Sean. These guys do a really good podcast and I recommend it to any comics fan.

This particular episode features our Batman: The Brave and the Bold Christmas issue (at 0:04:02). The issue is also the "Top of the Stacks" pick of the week (at 0:39:16) by both Sean and Craig.

If you don't have time to listen, here's a quick summary of their opinions:

"I would definitely say this comes in on the really, really awesome side of a Batman: Brave and the Bold issue."

"I agree. It was fantastic."

And now we have the text reviews:


"Walker and Jones have, as usual, put together a highly entertaining comic."

Too Dangerous For A Girl

"The story has physical and emotional action, comedy by the bucketload and a twist you can just about see coming and it's all the better for that."

BW Media

"...a bucket of fun, the usual sensational artwork."…

New issue!

Eric and I have a new issue out of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It's a Christmas issue, and within it's pages I manage to once again show my love for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Anti-matter waves destroying entire realities, shadow demons and my favorite DC comics alien race, the Psions.