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There seems to be a new Tron movie. My understanding is that it follows some similar themes that the comic explored. Makes sense. There are only so many logical directions for the Tron storyline to go in.

Lois Lane comic...

Here's a few pages from a little Lois Lane comic I wrote, many years ago. Unfortunately, I've blanked on the artists name and lost his email address. He's one hell of a nice guy, and I still hope we get to work on something someday.

The basic story: Lois Lane has to keep Mxyzptlk occupied while Superman fight Chemo and Titano. Mxy is condescending about the challenge, as he assume Lois is incapable of offering up a worthy challenge. Lois challenges Mxy to a game of strip poker, and humiliates him in the process. Superman returns triumphant. Lois rolls her eyes.