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Writing with/for Dean Koontz:

There is news about an upcoming project: It is in this link.

"Like In Odd We Trust and Odd Is On Our Side, the new graphic novels will be original stories set in the time period before the events of Odd Thomas and based on extensive outlines written by Dean Koontz. The first, Odd Is My Co-Pilot, will be scripted by well-known comics writer James Kuhoric and illustrated by Queenie Chan. The second new graphic novel will be scripted by Landry Q. Walker and illustrated by Ikari Studio. Publication is planned for 2011-2012. The projects were acquired by Betsy Mitchell, Del Rey editor in chief."


Incredibles #10 Preview. In stores now.

Another book in stores today. This one very different from my Mad Hatter issue. This is The Incredibles #10. Here's a couple of pages:

The full preview can be seen at CBR.

Mad hatter - Reviews

I'm backlogged like crazy, and feel a bit bad about posting the reviews for the Mad Hatter book before posting Btamna: The Brave and the Bold or The Incredibles. But if I don't get this out of the way now, I will never get around to it.

Anj over at Supergirl ComicBox Commentary: "Sympathy ... for the Mad Hatter! It is the sign of excellent writing for a reader to feel for a character like this."

Walt Kneeland over at Comxtreme: "Walker pulls off in this issue is giving us a character with more depth than I've seen previously, while conveying the creepy, semi-tragic nature of the guy."

Thehefner posted a review and discussion at Scans_Daily: "Landry Walker understands a little something about whimsy and character depth while still being dark and unsettling"Matthew Meylikhov reviewing at Multiversity:"Walker shows us the compulsive disorder that the Hatter struggles with on a daily basis and truly gives us the feeling that the compulsions are …

Mad Hatter Preview

A preview of tomorrows issue of Joker's Asylum: The Mad Hatter is now available on CBR. I'm really happy with this book.

Mad Hatter colors!

I'm sorry Internets. I've been busy and not posting news into the void that is the Computer World. That changes now.

David Baron, colorist on many things, has posted a page from the upcoming issue of Joker's Asylum that I wrote. The page looks just fantastic, a wonderful synthesis of Keith Giffen and Bill Sienkiewicz and the aforementioned David Baron.

Check it out!

Now... it's worth noting to the small assortment of people familiar with my work that this Mad Hatter book is NOT an all-ages comic. I was hired to write something darker, and this is the result.
Funny thing about that, I would argue that Supergirl was a very dark series. It's about a young girl forever separated from her friends and family, met with derision by those her age in her new culture and contempt with those who are meant to teach her about said new culture. She's basically adrift in a world of hate. Even her two closest friends both (on some level) hate her. But it's bright and colorful a…

R.I.P. Dr. John Liddle

I'm long overdue in posting many things. I'll get to them eventually. I recently found out that an old friend by the name of John Liddle died abruptly of currently unknown causes. The news has left me a bit numb, and I suspect that posting about the individual who died will help me sort through my feelings.

When I was 16 years old, I worked closely with John while managing the Berkeley Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. The show was in bad shape, the members of the cast outnumbering the very small audience. Together, we built the production into something that defied the expectations of those around us, drawing in audiences that numbered in thousands, managing a production on a 20th Century Sound stage, appearing in US Magazine and on MTV. We planned and plotted every day on what to do to advance our organization, sometimes while sitting around a hot tub in Malibu at some high powered Producers office while being served drinks by a girl named Bunny.

Then there was the time where we…