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Supergirl: The final final final reviews...

Here's a couple more reviews. The first is a podcast, and this time Supergirl is one of the featured reviews. The Supergirl specific discussion begins at 2:21 and picks up again at 36:56. As always, I recommend giving the entire podcast a listen.

The Pull List Podcast: Episode #77

"I can't find anything bad about this book."

Chris's Invincible Super-Blog

"It all adds up to something that’s not just DC’s best kids’ book, but one of DC’s best books period, and the best Supergirl story in at least twenty years."

Supergirl colorist Joey Mason...

I've noticed that colorist Joey Mason does not get enough credit for his remarkable efforts on Supergirl. He came onto the series as an unknown to Eric and myself, and I cannot tell you how amazed we were by the results. His attention to detail and efforts to affect mood and atmosphere with his coloring deserve credit. Not to mention his ability to produce on a very short deadline.

Here are two samples.

You can see how Joey introduced an emotional element to the story with the rising of the sun. It is subtle, but effective. This was not directed, he did this on his own. And he applied this level of storytelling throughout the entire series. Eric an I seriously cannot thank him enough for his efforts, and I think he deserves more attention than he is receiving.

Supergirl: One more review...

One more review has surfaced. I could have simply integrated this into the other post. But as this is the last issue and we're not likely to receive this level of response anytime in the near future, I am indulging myself and double posting today.

The website is  and the specific column is: Geekdad: Raising Geek Generation 2.0. Looks like a column some of my friends with kids would benefit from reading.

"For a pre-teen or near pre-teen , Landry Q. Walker forges an excellent script that they can easily get into, as well as understand on a simple level but not feel like they’re having their intelligence insulted. Plus, it’s fun. It’s really, really, REALLY fun. Eric Jones provides some absolutely terrific vividly colored and kinetic art, and he’s not afraid to play around with different styles, either. He normally sticks to a “cartoon” look, but as reality bends—watch out!"

Supergirl issue 6 - Reviews!

Here we are again. It's been 14 months since Eric and I began working on Supergirl, and in that time alot has happened. There have been many conventions and signings and interviews and late nights. It's been very good and we miss it terribly. But, the experience has been very much worth it. All to often in this industry, you release a comic and you are greeted with silence. No emails. No reviews. Nothing. Eric and I have worked in comics for 17 years, most of it in relative obscurity. Even when we worked on Disney Adventures Magazine, a magazine with distribution of over a million, feedback was uncommon. 5 year olds write very few letters.

What I am clumsily trying to say is that this level of reader participation has been rare for us. Rare and welcome.

And now it's time for the last set of reviews. These are the ones that have the most meaning to me, critically speaking. I have argued on many occasions that a story is only as good as it's ending. Well, this is the endi…

In stores now! The final issue of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures.

This is it. The final issue. In stores now.

Galleries and Free Comics...

So the last couple of days were fun. Friday night was the San Jose Gallery crawl. SLG has converted much of their office into a functional art gallery, and this month the art on display was created by Eric Jones. This is pretty well evidenced by his posing in front of the giant Supergirl banner with his name on it.

It was a good turn out.

There was art on the walls. Some of it even sold.

Amongst Eric's recent comics work were some of the reference illustrations he created last year for the Little Gloomy TV show that is in the works, and some of his more adult oriented content.

Then the next morning was Free Comic Book Day. Eric and I appeared with Jersey Gods writer Glen Brunswick at Flying Colors Comics in Concord. It was insane. The line threaded through every aisle of the store. It wrapped around the block. There was cake. there was pizza.

The only minus from the expereince was the last minute decision on the part of DC to cut Supergirl from the FCBD All-Ages Sampler. Supergirl had …