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CBR Poll: "Which Johnny DC Title Would Make The Best Cartoon?"

I like seeing how people vote in things like this. Seems people want Billy Batson more than anything. Honestly, I figured the majority would go for Tiny Titans.

That said, where's the Supergirl love?

Two new comics!

There's a new issue of The Incredibles out and a new issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. There are previews available for each:

So far people seem to really like the two books. though I've noticed a consistent complaint that Wonder Woman isn't pretty enough. The reason she looks a bit different that people are used to is because we purposfully pushed her in a less Western European direction. Frankly, I'm tired of Wonder Woman looking like she's from the 818 are code.

For the record, we originally wanted to go with a more Superfriends look for the costume. But the book is based on the show and the show tends to reach back to older (50's) comics, not 1970's Alex Toth designs. So we went with a choice that was not our first, so that we would be doing our job more responsibly. Then Wonder Woman showed up (in a brief cameo) on the show and looked more like the Superfriends version. Go figure.

New article at

I have once again contributed an article to This time the topic of my ire is the lack off offline co-op in games that feature online co-op.