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So the cat is out of the bag. Or some such saying. I'm working on "The Incredibles" for Boom! Studios. Specifically, I'm co-writing the series with Mark Waid. By co-writing, I mean Mark has carefully crafts a plot, and I do my best to destroy it. He then takes the mangled story back and nurtures it to health. It is returned to me and I stab to death. And so on...

It's been a great creative exercise and a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the writing process.

The first issue of the new series is out now (issue 0), and it sets the stage for more weirdness and action to come. Now, I didn't actually write anything in that issue on the shelves today. It may have my name in it, but that name is a lie. My involvement starts with issue 1, on sale at some nebulous point in the future. But this issue is the starting point, and should not be missed!

In other news, my non-stop mad tour of the country continues. I'll be in Traverse Michigan for a convention for …