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In stores now!

Our first issue of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" just arrived in stores. It seems like a long time since we had a new release. Particularly when you consider the volume of work we've been doing. I'm up to the May issue of Batman with scripts and the January (or later) issue of the Incredibles.

FYI: Yeah... our Catman is a bit different from the one on the show. This book was actually finished before that episode aired. However, that doesn't mean we don't have a plan...

Doesn't mean we do have a plan either.

Anyway, new issue. Go get it. Read it.

Zombie gallery.

SLG recently held a zombie themed gallery show in their lounge like studio/office. Featured heavily at the show was the work of Belinda Adams and Pannel  Vaughn.

It was a good sized turn out, despite the fact that one of the other galleries had arranged to have the street in front of us closed to promote their event.

Branwyn and Drew. Branwyn has no idea the horrible fate that will soon befall her.

Pannel discussing his work. I think this is when he sold on of his paintings.

Jose harassing Belinda as she tries to work.

Me harassing Belinda as she tries to work. But I'm allowed as I'm going to marry her.

Branwyn meets her dark fate. Captured on canvas forever as a zombie (painted by Belinda during the show).

Comix4Sight auction!

During the madness that is San Diego ComicCon, Gail Simone approached Eric about creating an original illustration for the Comix4Sight auction benefiting comics writer John Ostrander. John has been battling glaucoma for years now. And s it says on the Comixs4sight website, if he loses the battle he loses his eyesight.

John has undergone surgery, and so far things seem to be going well. But the medical costs are quite high. Hence: the auction.

So Eric has illustrated a full splash page image of Supergirl from our Cosmic Adventures series.

This is now up on eBay, and the bidding his pushing the piece forward fast. To date, Eric has sold very little original art. This is an opportunity to own a a rare original image (not reproduced in print anywhere) and help a comics writer very much in need.

Even if this particular piece is out of your range, check the other items listed. There's a Tiny Titans original drawing by Franco Aureliani, a Daredevil study by Bruce Timm, original Mickey Mous…

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo)

Eric is currently in a Seattle, conducting a live demonstration of Nintendo's new Flipnote Studio software for the DSi. My understanding is this event should be uploaded somewhere online by Nintendo. If and when I find it, I'll post it for anyone reading this blog to see.

In the land of people not being flown to conventions in Seattle, I have just returned from the convention I was flown to in Michigan. I participated on a breaking into comics a writer panel with Daniel Way - a man who is possibly the strangest combination of congenial and intimidating. I had a great time, it's rare I get to socialize with other writers.

Here's a photo of the panel, as seen through my eyes:

I also got to stay up late hanging out with Tommy Lee Edwards. One of three people I have met personally who truly appreciate the artistry of Doctor Who. I took a picture of Tommy, but all that the camera captured was a swirl of time and space.

Speaking of Doctor Who, here's a shot from my birthday…

More on the subject of the Disney Marvel purchase.

I see many people in many places speculating that Disney purchasing Marvel will result in a "softer" Marvel. On one hand, I must point out that in one of our Disney comics, we included:

A son killing his father.
A man beating his wife.
A woman transforming into a haggard corpse shrieking for the death of her child.
A man having his eyeball removed.
Physical torture.
Psychological torture.
Police brutality.
War. Death. Insanity.
And more...

On the other hand, I must say: Great. Let's scale it back a notch. What is wrong with making these comics acceptable for all-ages again? It worked fine for decades. Now we face a dwindling and aging readership. A medium that is a shadow of what it once was. And what do people cry out against? The idea that characters that were created as all-ages entertainment might actually cater to all-ages again?


I'm all for adult entertainment. Personally, I like to read comics where girls with ridiculously inflated breasts in chain mail bikini…