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Incredibles Collected + New reviews

Apparently, there is now a collected volume out of my first arc on The Incredibles. More news on that after I go pick up a copy.

Otherwise, I've been writing comics at a breakneck pace. Which is good. But it leaves me little time to post. Which is bad. Anyway, I'm here now. And as usual, I have collected some recent reviews.

This time up, it's a look at issue 4 of The Incredibles. Co-written by Mark Waid and myself. Illustrated by Marcio Takara:

"Waid succeds in making the dialogue between the family members feels natural"

"Waid and Walker, once again, have come up with a highly original idea for this latest Incredibles storyline."

"This story really captures the personalities of the characters"

"Mark Waid and Landry Walker continue to find ways to tell fresh stories in the ong…

Incredibles #4 - In stores now!

It's that time again. A new issue of The Incredibles, written by Mark Waid and myself and with art by Marcio Takara, is in stores now. I think. Honestly, I'm hearing some mixed reports. Let's assume it is in stores. And therefore you must acquire it.

This issue introduces a new villain to: Mezmerella. Originally, she was known as "Hypnotica", but this needed to be changed at the last minute due to the name being trademarked as part of some goth toy thing. And when I say "last minute" I mean it. Aaron Sparrow (editor, overlord, keeper of the three satchels of unspeakable evils) contacted me while I was in Disneyworld on my Honeymoon for input on a name change. My wife actually rattled off the name, and I threw it in with the rest. Mark and Aaron outvoted me and "Hypnotica" was no more. Sad.

I had a very specific look in mind for the character. So I had Eric (Jones) cobble together a quick sketch for Marcio.

And here's Marcio's version: