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Little Gloomy - the Super Scary Monster Show.

Before it was the Saturday morning cartoon series Scary Larry, it was a creator owned comic in the pages of Disney Adventures. This is back in the mid-2000's, I'd say. Art by Eric Jones and colors by Rikki Simons. Meant to evoke a bit of the old Harvey Comics vibe. Sadly, most of my files on this stuff seems to

be corrupt. So unless you have an old issue of Disney Adventures, it is likely lost to the ages...

KID GRAVITY - 2D or not 2D!

Here's a look at some comics by me, Eric Jones, Rusty Drake and others. Originally published way back in the early 2000's. This was arare time where Disney Adventures Magazine (a book sold in every grocery store, with a distribution in the millions) was publishing creator owned comics.
Just to reiterate this, as it' seem insane by today's standards. We were doing creator owned all ages comics and reaching millions. Anyone who says there isn't a market for kids comics is bonkers. We did years of this, and it was very successful.