Thursday, April 16, 2009

Supergirl issue 5 - Reviews!

Here's the reviews for issue 5. Again, the reviews are extremely positive.

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

"Another phenomenal issue."

BW Media Spotlight


Comic Reviews by Walt

"these Johnny DC books are providing much more fun in comics for me today than most other comics from the big publishers."

Talkin Bout Comics

"Honestly, better every issue, great characters, fun twists, funny as can be.

Hero Sandwich

"Holy guacamole, was this one fun."

Living Between Wednesdays

"It’s all I could ever want in a comic with "Super" in the title."

Broken Frontier

"Pure fanboy heaven!"


"Whew. This issue was nuts. It was great. Dense but easy to follow."

Chris's Invincible Super-blog

"[...]one of the sharpest kids' books I've seen in a long time."

The next link is a podcast. The review of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures comes in at 29:19. As I have recommended before, consider giving the entire podcast a listen. These guys do good work.

The Pull List

"This one was an explosion of crazy awesome stuff."

And this last one is our first (that I've seen) truly negative review. I think it's important to show the full spectrum of opinions, rather than selectively report only the positive.

Superman Homepage

"Sadly the worst of the series.


Thanks again to all the reviewers. Feedback is one of the only forms of payment in this industry. Well, there is also money. And I do like money. But when their isn't money, feedback is highest on my list. Usually. There is also the free meals to contend with. Seriously. People buy me lunch and dinner all the time. Even breakfast once in a while.

Issue 6 in just a few weeks!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SLG is having a 30% off sale. That means 30% off of everything, including previously marked down items. Here is a small selection of work available from Eric and myself through SLG. There is more. Much more. Click this link to see the entire list.

By the way, the first book on that list is a Gloomcookie trade. I didn't write that. I wrote an introduction which is why it comes up under  search  for my name. It's a great book by my good friend Serena Valentino. I highly recommend her work.

Before I continue, remember this important peice of information. You need to enter this code at the checkout to get your dicount:


So here's the loot:

Besides the multitude of comics work Eric and I have produced, there is also merchadise.

For those who only know my all-ages work, the X-Ray Comics trade paperbacks are very much NOT all ages. Tron skews adult. Little Gloomy and Super Scary Monster Show are all-ages.

So just so we are clear. Every issue of Tron: The ghost in the Machine is on sale. Every issue of The Super Scary Monster Show. Every issue of Little Gloomy. The first two issue of Supergirl. Both X-Ray Comics trade paperbacks. Two vinyl toys. A t-shirt. Not to mention everything else SLG has ever put out (that's in stock). Gargoyles. Haunted Mansion. The work of Jhonen Vasquez. The SLG work of Evan Dorkin. Everything.

So please, if you're familiar with one of our books, give another a try. SLG needs the money. Eric and I need the money. And more than that, we do these books because we want people to read them. If you're reading this site because of Supergirl, give Super Scary Monster Show a shot. It's very different, but different isn't always a bad thing

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Supergirl issue 5 - In stores!

Issue 5 is now in stores.

This issue introduces us to the long promised character named... Superiorgirl!

As is my favorite thing to do, a bunch of us went to lunch. From left to right: Traci, Tyler, Branwyn, Todd, Eric.

I like this photo because Traci is showing off her ability to shift her personal dimensional reality. Tyler is unimpressed. He sees it happen all the time.

Lunch was over very quickly today. We're all working in Berkeley, but we're usually to lazy to hang out. But it means alot to me that i have friends willing to disrupt their schedules for these moments. Thanks guys!