Issue 4 reviews!

The reviews for issue 4 are in. And the opinions about the series continue to be overwhelmingly positive.

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

"Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #4 continues to be a phenomenal book that appeals to all ages."


"There is such love and fun pumped into every issue.

Comic Reviews by Walt

"This series just keeps getting better and better."

Superman Homepage

"Oh oh! Secret base... scared heroes....menacing shadow... I'm sold!

Talkin Bout Comics

"I really think this series started good and is getting better with each issue.

Adventures of Comic Book Girl

"As usual, 5/5."

Daily Scans

"Now who is the most awesome superpet?"

This last one is a podcast. I enjoy listening to these in their entirety. But if you want to skip directly to the review of Supergirl, go to 0:26:35.

The Pull List

"This is really, really good. And this is probably the best issue of the entire series so far."


Thanks to all the reviewers. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is, and I'm really hoping to get people to see this series through to the end.

What is interesting to me is seeing people begin to react differently to the series. With issue 4, we begin to explore the more serious side of things. Each issue has always been planned as something as an emotional progression, with the characters dealing with progressively more mature scenarios. Not "mature " in the often misused way, where the term means sex and violence. But "mature" in the sense of emotional conflict. Hopefully, this is an approach that will continue to resonate with the readers, as issue 5 is...

Well, it's issue 5. Why would I spoil it for you?


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