Galleries and Free Comics...

So the last couple of days were fun. Friday night was the San Jose Gallery crawl. SLG has converted much of their office into a functional art gallery, and this month the art on display was created by Eric Jones. This is pretty well evidenced by his posing in front of the giant Supergirl banner with his name on it.

It was a good turn out.

There was art on the walls. Some of it even sold.

Amongst Eric's recent comics work were some of the reference illustrations he created last year for the Little Gloomy TV show that is in the works, and some of his more adult oriented content.

Then the next morning was Free Comic Book Day. Eric and I appeared with Jersey Gods writer Glen Brunswick at Flying Colors Comics in Concord. It was insane. The line threaded through every aisle of the store. It wrapped around the block. There was cake. there was pizza.

The only minus from the expereince was the last minute decision on the part of DC to cut Supergirl from the FCBD All-Ages Sampler. Supergirl had been slated for inclusion for most of a year, and we had looked very much forward to promoting the series. But with the book ending in a few days, I can understand why the decision was made. We still sold tons of Supergirl comics, mostly to kids. The turn out of tiny young girls interested in comics was awesome.

The crowd was so thick, it felt like a busy convention.

It was a hectic couple of days, but a fun couple of days.


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