Supergirl issue 6 - Reviews!

Here we are again. It's been 14 months since Eric and I began working on Supergirl, and in that time alot has happened. There have been many conventions and signings and interviews and late nights. It's been very good and we miss it terribly. But, the experience has been very much worth it. All to often in this industry, you release a comic and you are greeted with silence. No emails. No reviews. Nothing. Eric and I have worked in comics for 17 years, most of it in relative obscurity. Even when we worked on Disney Adventures Magazine, a magazine with distribution of over a million, feedback was uncommon. 5 year olds write very few letters.

What I am clumsily trying to say is that this level of reader participation has been rare for us. Rare and welcome.

And now it's time for the last set of reviews. These are the ones that have the most meaning to me, critically speaking. I have argued on many occasions that a story is only as good as it's ending. Well, this is the ending. And these are probably the most positive reviews to date. Particularly nice to see is the review at Superman Homepage. That was the site responsible for our only negative review of consequence. But this issue received a resounding 5 of 5. I have to give a particularly loud shout out to Adam Dechanel for sticking with us despite his initial reaction to the final story arc.

Superman HomePage

"...After reading the entire arc back to back I've changed my mind this is a SUPERB series."

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

"I can only hope that a sequel happens. Come on DC !! Do the right thing!"

Comic Insight

"Now we just have to wait and see what Johnny DC has in store for us . . er, I mean the kids, next."


"this mini shows a damn sight more character depth and development than a lot of media aimed at adults."


"Walker and Jones have come together to craft one of the most exciting, entertaining, funny, and ultimately heartwarming Supergirl stories of all time."

Living Between Wednesdays

"I really loved this series, and I feel like other creators of all-ages comics should use this as their template"

Hero Sandwich

"Verdict: Another colossal thumbs up. Vast, insane fun."

Talkin bout comics

"I am so sad to see this end."

Big Shiny Robot

"This may quite possibly be the most fun and crazy miniseries ever created. I’m quite serious."

BW Media Spotlight

"This is what a comic should be."


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