Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Well, it's in the new Previews catalog, so I guess I can finally announce what Eric and I have been working on since we wrapped up Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures...

We'll be doing some issues of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. A comic series based off of the current animated series. A funny thing about this book for Eric and myself: We had actually spent a bit of time before San Diego ComicCon last year formulating a pitch for an all-ages reinterpretation of Batman based off a combination of the 1940's Dick Sprang art style and the 1960's television series. We then arrived at ComicCon to see images everywhere of this cartoon series and immediately scrapped the proposal.

And now we're doing a comic that is fundamentally the same as the series we spent the summer quietly creating. Strange world.

Our intention with this series is to capture the feel of the cartoon rather than literally interpret the style of the animated series onto a comic book page. Comics and animation are two very distinct (even if related) mediums, and neither wholly translates into the other. We're a bit past our first issue now, and I'm very happy with the result of this approach.

Our first issue introduces a character that, at the time of conception and execution, was unseen on the television series. Catman appears as a mysterious new superhero with bold plans to help Batman takes down his most notorious foes. Since we created this particular issue, a very different rendition of Catman has appeared on the TV series. Such as it goes.

Our first issue of this series goes on sale September 30th.


  1. That is going to be great. Congrats. Can't wait.

  2. Thanks for the trust in our skills. The book is a bit daunting, being different structurally from what we have worked on previously. That said, I'm very happy with how it's shaping up!


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