Supergirl: Production art... part 2

I promised there would be more art. And more art there is. Unfortunately, I'm still searching for those original Supergirl illustrations. All of Eric's original art is at my house for some reason, which means boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of paper. 17 years of comics work in boxes (minus that one back cover illustration we left in a copy machine at SDCC about 13 years ago). To make matter worse, each panel of each page of Supergirl was pencilled at full size on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Think about that. Each panel of each page of each issue.

This all adds up to alot of paper.

Anyway, here's the next installment of Supergirl production art. A feature on this blog that I like to call: "Eric probably doesn't want you to see this but then he shouldn't have left it in my safe keeping because I'm not particularly trustworthy."

The teachers!

The gym teacher is named Mister Mongo. I don't remember if we ever mentioned his name in the comic. He's based off of a close friend of ours named Joel, who has gone by the nickname of Mongo since we were about 12. Not pictured is Miss Bigglestone. She's based off another old friend with the last name Bigglestone.

Then there's Mister Mxyptplk. Mxyzptlk/Pyckelmeyer required very little planning. His basic disposition in his Pyckelmeyer form was inspired by the character of Bob Kelso on Scrubs. As seen here:

In my mind, that's pretty much the real world version of Pyckelmeyer.

On Wednesday I will post sketches of the students, including classic Supergirl supporting cast member Ricky Wilson (AKA Dick Malverne).


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