Supergirl: Production art... part 3

I promised that sketches of the students would be posted today. And here I am, posting said images.

Okay... so there are less student images than I thought. Thing is, we had three female lead characters from the onset. There were also going to be male characters of more prominence. Here's a look at what they might have been like.

The characters were cut because it turns out that 6 issues at 22 pages long each isn't as much room as I might have liked. The relationships between the three girls would have been horribly muddied by these nonsensical subplots. So they were cut.

But just to go a step further and show you what you were denied...

There was an entire story behind this that involved duplicity and betrayal. The heart was to be made of gold kryptonite (heart of gold) that only had a short term effect. We had already explored the effects of green, red and blue. So gold was the next logical choice.

As mentioned above, this was cut due to lack of space. It was also cut after I witnessed the recent revisions to Reactron. The two concepts aren't identical, but they are very, very close. Now, it's important to note that no one outside of Eric and myself were involved in this creation, so in case anyone thinks I'm making some kind of allegation... no. No one knew of our plans other than us. Reactron's revision (which I very much like) was (for us) an unfortunate coincidence. That's the world of comics for ya.

FYI: The indent on the inside of the chest panel is a power meter.

That's it for today. Next up (unless I change my mind) Streaky. Maybe more than Streaky, maybe less.


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