Supergirl: Production art...

I've been putting off posting this stuff for awhile. The fact is, I am lazy. The other fact is that Eric keeps hiding this art. I intended to lead off with one of the three original illustrations he produced for our initial meeting with DC. I'll have to search a bit deeper to figure out where those images are hidden.

Anyway, instead I'm going to lead off with some Lena Thorul.

This first one might be the actual first attempt on the character. Truth is, Eric and I had a pretty solid idea of what she would look like from the onset. The only issue with the initial designs was the question of hair.

That was resolved fairly quickly. Yeah I know. Exciting. Woo.

So we knew she would eventually end up in armor. I guess the armor was the real issue. If you've read the series, you know the armor exists in 3 states. The first is the backpack, which appears two issues before it is revealed to be armor. The second form is the transformed backpack, and the third is the full upgraded suit.

So those are the three forms, and if you've read the comic, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't read the comic, well... In truth you're a little dead to me.

But only a little.

So here are some sketches Eric threw together early in the development.

Do you like them? If so, good for you. We didn't. So we went in a different direction. Part of it was that these designs were way to busy. Part of it is that they removed to much of Lena's personality. But mainly, it was that we needed to strengthen the association between Lena and Lex. By having Lena in battle armor reminiscent of her brothers giant indestructible robot, we helped create a visual short-cut between the two characters. This is just as effective at establishing the relationship as the secret emails between brother and sister at the end of issue 2. I think it is anyway. Maybe it isn't. Does it really matter now? The book is finished. Not much we can do about it if you disagree. Right?

I'll upload some more soon. Maybe tomorrow. Probably Monday. There's alot of this stuff, so expect several posts of images that Eric would probably prefer you never saw.


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