More on the subject of the Disney Marvel purchase.

I see many people in many places speculating that Disney purchasing Marvel will result in a "softer" Marvel. On one hand, I must point out that in one of our Disney comics, we included:

A son killing his father.
A man beating his wife.
A woman transforming into a haggard corpse shrieking for the death of her child.
A man having his eyeball removed.
Physical torture.
Psychological torture.
Police brutality.
War. Death. Insanity.
And more...

On the other hand, I must say: Great. Let's scale it back a notch. What is wrong with making these comics acceptable for all-ages again? It worked fine for decades. Now we face a dwindling and aging readership. A medium that is a shadow of what it once was. And what do people cry out against? The idea that characters that were created as all-ages entertainment might actually cater to all-ages again?


I'm all for adult entertainment. Personally, I like to read comics where girls with ridiculously inflated breasts in chain mail bikini's kill their enemies with razor sharp weapons carved from baby skulls. Or whatever. But there is an appropriate time and place. I'm not sure that the mainstream comics world is where the "edge" people fear Disney will curtail should have ever been honed.

It really doesn't matter. Disney isn't going to force mouse ears on Wolverine and Spider-man won't be in the next High School whatever. But maybe down the road we'll see the company edge back over the line a bit.


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