PAX (Penny Arcade Expo)

Eric is currently in a Seattle, conducting a live demonstration of Nintendo's new Flipnote Studio software for the DSi. My understanding is this event should be uploaded somewhere online by Nintendo. If and when I find it, I'll post it for anyone reading this blog to see.

In the land of people not being flown to conventions in Seattle, I have just returned from the convention I was flown to in Michigan. I participated on a breaking into comics a writer panel with Daniel Way - a man who is possibly the strangest combination of congenial and intimidating. I had a great time, it's rare I get to socialize with other writers.

Here's a photo of the panel, as seen through my eyes:

I also got to stay up late hanging out with Tommy Lee Edwards. One of three people I have met personally who truly appreciate the artistry of Doctor Who. I took a picture of Tommy, but all that the camera captured was a swirl of time and space.

Speaking of Doctor Who, here's a shot from my birthday a couple of nights ago:

My friend Jon provided the cake and the alcohol. Good times.


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