Batman reviews!

Well, our first issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold has been on shelves for a few days, and we now have some reviews. It's a bit of an exercise in anxiety, waiting to see if people like or hate your work. I mean, I wrote this book back in April. Eric finished drawing it in... May? I don't know. I don't really pay attention to what Eric does.

Anyway... this issue seems like a relic of the distant past to me. I'm currently working on my issue for next April and May concurrently. This thing? Ancient. That said, I think it may be one of our more fun issues of Batman. And by fun, it probably has our most bizarre moment. A moment that almost everybody who reads it comments on.

I'm talking specifically about this:

People seem to like the Penguin getting hit in the face with a seal. Anyway, here's the reviews:

Too Dangerous For A Girl

"it's a fast, fun ride by Eric Jones and Landry Q Walker"

Every Day Is Like Wednesday

"Landry Walker’s set-up is pretty clever and I greatly enjoyed seeing Jones’ takes on so many of these characters..."


"Not bad for a comic based on a cartoon, actually."

But Before I kill You

"It built up to an ending which I'm admitting being moved by, and it sold it for me."

BW Media

"I predict awesomeness every month."

Exile In Geeksville

"It’s all about bringing in the new readers. – Grade A-"

There's also a nice conversation on the DC message boards here.

So there we go. Next Wednesday I think my (real) first issue of the Incredibles will be released, and we'll have a new issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold out near the end of October.


  1. You guys crack me up. I'll look for this next time I'm at that disreputable comic book shop.

  2. i am sad to say I probably can't afford this, but nonetheless, the penguin getting hit with a seal *is* funny.

  3. Thanks Nadja!

    @Saranga - I do have a stack of these. I'd be happy to send you one.

  4. I can't believe that "Brave and the Bold" has flown outside my radar so far- the art looks fantastic, and the panel you included is hilarious. Time to keep my eye out for a copy...Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Glad you like it. This is our first issue, and there will be issues here and there that we did not produce. But by and large we will be the ones on this series.

    It might be a while until I match the SEAL scene though. That level of absurdity is a bit harder in Batman than it was when I was writing Supergirl.


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