Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Incredibles #1 - In stores now!

Another new comic out today. This time it's my first issue of the Incredibles, co-written with the relatively unknown Mark Waid. Check out a preview of our collaboration here.

It's unusual for me to have two comics come out in such rapid succession. Knowing that the two books would cross paths like this, I purposefully choose a different writing style for each. Batman is my first real attempt at a narrative voice. Something I purposefully avoided for almost 20 years of comics writing. Early on, I felt it would be a crutch. Now it's just fun. The Incredibles is more traditional writing for me. Lots of characters, arguing with each other. Anyone familiar with my pre-Supergirl work should find the pacing and style of this familiar.

I don't know if familiar = good. In fact, I hear it actually breeds contempt.


  1. Somebody better put two copies aside for me since I can't make it over to Comic Relief.

  2. I have some copies here. You just have to come over.