Obviously, I'm a bit behind in regards to posting... anything. We could spend all day discussing where I failed, and where you failed. The best I can say is that I accept your apologies and promise that I will forgive you again in the future, when I once again stop posting with regularity.

First, a blast from the recent past. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade continues to garner positive reviews.

Notes On the Art Of Writing

"I really enjoyed the storyline and recommend it."

Then we have reviews of our second issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Chris's Invincible Super Blog

"The Diamond order code you want is AUG09 0192."

The Arrowcave

"Thanks for all the GA love, guys!"

Every Day Is Like Wednesday

"That is a very good plot for a comic book right there."

But Before I Kill You


BW Media Spotlight

"[...]someone at Warner Animation must greenlight this comic as an actual episode!"


"Walker and Jones have a gift for all-ages superheroes, and it really shows here. Rating: 4.5/5"

CBR/Robot 6

"I just loved the sheer infectious nature of the story."

The Pull List Podcast

"I gave this four stars. A very strong four stars."


"It’s as fun as you’d expect."

And finally, a few reviews for issue 2 of The Incredibles.


"This isn’t just one of the best of the
Boom! Kids books, it’s one of the better superhero comics being published today."

BW Media Spotlight

"I constantly have to fight to find anything wrong with this comic."

CBR/Robot 6

"I love the book's universal sense of humor"

Not a review, but there's some nice discussion over the issue at Scans Daily.

And that's all I can find right now. October and November have been a bit crazy, and there appears to be no end in sight for the madness of my schedule. Hopefully, I can clean up my act a bit and get back to doing some regular posting.


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