Reviews. Batman: Brave and the Bold #12

First up, we have a podcast rather than a text review. The Pull List Podcast by Craig and Sean. These guys do a really good podcast and I recommend it to any comics fan.

This particular episode features our Batman: The Brave and the Bold Christmas issue (at 0:04:02). The issue is also the "Top of the Stacks" pick of the week (at 0:39:16) by both Sean and Craig.

If you don't have time to listen, here's a quick summary of their opinions:

"I would definitely say this comes in on the really, really awesome side of a Batman: Brave and the Bold issue."

"I agree. It was fantastic."

And now we have the text reviews:


"Walker and Jones have, as usual, put together a highly entertaining comic."

Too Dangerous For A Girl

"The story has physical and emotional action, comedy by the bucketload and a twist you can just about see coming and it's all the better for that."

BW Media

"...a bucket of fun, the usual sensational artwork."

Every Day Is Like Wednesday

"This is probably Landry and Walker’s best issue of the series so far, offering a perfect balance of all-ages action and knowing but effective humor for grown-ups."

Hero Sandwich

"Thumbs up. Okay, it’s very silly stuff, but I still thought it was fun, funny, and pretty nicely Christmasy"

There was one slight Christmas nod that people have not noticed (or at least, mentioned). The nameless Psion who basically steals Christmas? Gangly green-skinned and Grinch like? Maybe it was too subtle. Ah well.


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