Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More reviews...

A few reviews ave surfaced since my last review based post. To be fair, the first  two links involve the same reviewer. First with a standard review and then as one part of a three person Podcast. Blake Petit has been a strong supporter of Eric's and my work for a number of years now. Thanks Blake!

In regards to the Podcast: The part discussing Supergirl can be found at 54:25. But it's a good Podcast discussing at length some of my favorite comics work. so if you're a fan of the Giffen Justice League, check it out the entirety!


"Wonderful issue. Excellent series. I can’t wait for more."


"It's a proper Supergirl book."

Pai: Comics Reviews

"Great issue. Only 2 more to go though."

Monday, March 16, 2009

A tragic accident...

I think I need a new bass. This one can't quite be replaced though. It's been years since I stole it from my cousin. I've almost come to think of it as rightfully mine. The bass for our Mummy toy was inspired by this.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Issue 4 reviews!

The reviews for issue 4 are in. And the opinions about the series continue to be overwhelmingly positive.

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

"Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #4 continues to be a phenomenal book that appeals to all ages."


"There is such love and fun pumped into every issue.

Comic Reviews by Walt

"This series just keeps getting better and better."

Superman Homepage

"Oh oh! Secret base... scared heroes....menacing shadow... I'm sold!

Talkin Bout Comics

"I really think this series started good and is getting better with each issue.

Adventures of Comic Book Girl

"As usual, 5/5."

Daily Scans

"Now who is the most awesome superpet?"

This last one is a podcast. I enjoy listening to these in their entirety. But if you want to skip directly to the review of Supergirl, go to 0:26:35.

The Pull List

"This is really, really good. And this is probably the best issue of the entire series so far."


Thanks to all the reviewers. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is, and I'm really hoping to get people to see this series through to the end.

What is interesting to me is seeing people begin to react differently to the series. With issue 4, we begin to explore the more serious side of things. Each issue has always been planned as something as an emotional progression, with the characters dealing with progressively more mature scenarios. Not "mature " in the often misused way, where the term means sex and violence. But "mature" in the sense of emotional conflict. Hopefully, this is an approach that will continue to resonate with the readers, as issue 5 is...

Well, it's issue 5. Why would I spoil it for you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ebooks, and the devices we read them on...

All I seem to hear these days is: "The Kindle! The Kindle! You can read e-books anywhere now!"

Just like the iPod seems to have invented mp3 players for the public, Amazon seems to have invented the electronic book machine. I'm always glad to see existing technology finally accepted by the public, but what is frustrating is seeing these offerings heralded as the first coming. Portable devices that are capable for reading ebooks have existed for years and years. I began to rely heavily on my platform of choice, the Sony Clie, back in 2002. I still have the device, and it still holds up tremendously well. In addition to reading books with it, I can also check my email, listen to music, watch videos, use it as a universal remote, calculator, video camera, regular camera, audio recorder, Gameboy emulator, browse online, ect...

Not to mention it's full color touch screen and it's full keyboard, expandable memory and clamshell design. Plus, unlike the current popular devices, it fits in my pocket.

And now they cost about 50$ on eBay.

Yeah... it's slightly outdated by today's standards. Though as far as book reading, it gets the job done 100%. People simply didn't buy enough of these and the evolving line of Sony PDA's was discontinued. A pity. Because, a modern version of this device would absolutely destroy the Kindle.Instead, Sony gave us the eReader. A device that stepped backwards from the promise of the Clie dramatically.

But really, it's no surprise. As a society, we do not typically reward the most deserving or the innovative. We reward the popular. The VHS/Beta wars years ago underscored that the populace does not embrace quality. Not at all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

In stores now...

Issue 4 is now available. This issue features a cat. Yeah, I'm not big on giving out spoliers. But I think this one
is fairly obvious.

So go buy this issue.

Seriously. I need the money. Go. Buy. This. Book.


A new interview is on online. The website responsible is 4thletter and the interviewer is Esther Inglis-Arkell. This was conducted at WonderCon in a somewhat hectic environment. I'm impressed that the details of the discussion managed to get through the chaos of the event.

Here's an excerpt:

Conclusion: funny, sly, and cute as a button. Since then I’ve been reading the book and it has managed to keep all those descriptors accurate, despite having to pull off several difficult balancing acts.

To see the full interview/article, click here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A rant about babies.

I don't like it when babies touch me. Yeah. I said it. Something negative about babies. Now, I know that most people won't care about what I have to say about babies. Positive or negative. But every now and again I meet someone who thinks their baby is somehow different/special/made of rainbows.

I'm sorry. Your baby is not made of rainbows.

Your baby is a person. And often, a dirty person. A strange baby running up to me and grabbing on me is not unlike an unwashed hobo running up and grabbing me. I've experienced both on numerous occasions, and each instance involves a smelly human being with no regard for personal space and absolutely lacking anything akin to coherency.

So, one day I was sitting in your standard bureaucratic style waiting room. There is, of course, a baby present. The baby is alternating between unmitigated joy and the deepest despair ever felt by any human ever. The baby is bored. The baby wants attention. And the mother is clearly not interested in giving said baby said attention.

This is where I come in.

Not by choice, mind you. See, I'm like a baby magnet. They are drawn to me like I'm made of sugar. I''m reading a book, as comfortably absent from reality as I can be (which as anyone who knows me is very, very absent), when the aforementioned baby walks across the room and decides I am a jungle gym. The baby is crawling on me instantly. I am uncomfortable and alarmed. So naturally, I put my hands on the baby, gently lifting it down and placing it on the floor where it belongs. The baby is ON me after all.

Cue howling baby. Cue angry mother. I touched her baby. How dare I. The outrage of the mother is indescribable. Her words cease being words. they blur together in a symphonic harmony of anger and fury. I try to plead my case, but there is no break in the motherly rage I am forced to endure.

So I leave. Very aware that the mother in question now has a significantly shorter time ahead of her in the bureaucratic style waiting room.

First Post

This blog has been created as a place for me to cross post from my LiveJournal and Facebook page. It is also a place I will likly ignore. Ah well. Good intentions and all.