Supergirl reads Supergirl! Plus: Best of 2009 stuff!

I'm a bit behind on posting this. My current work schedule is crazy. Anyway, this photo was very kindly forwarded to me by Gene, a Supergirl fan. Gene works at a library and this Supergirl came by to read to the kids. How awesome is that?

And here's another picture that was sent to me. This one was taken at Comic Relief in Berkeley:

Freaking adorable!

Anyway, there have been some great mentions of Supergirl online recently: "It's a funny, fast-paced, stylishly illustrated lampoon of the Superman/Supergirl mythos"

Comicsgirl: "This is absolutely wonderful."

Comics ought To Be Fun: "I'm giving Supergirl the Most Fun Of The Year Award for its beautifully distinctive art, surprisingly touching story, and frantically funny escapades."

Over at Comic Box Commentary, our Supergirl included a scene that was declared the number one Supergirl moment of 2009, Blake Petit over at Comixtreme called Cosmic Adventures the best all ages book of 2009 and Living between Wednesday's called Cosmic Adventures the funnest book of the year.

And then there's this one. Comic reviews via homemade Youtube video. But I can't understand a single bit of the review. Maybe someone braver than I can decipher this. Warning. It is loud-ish.

There's more. But I'm so crazy busy these days I barely have time to type this stuff. I can't really complain though. Thanks much to the people who have drawn my attention to these reviews and thanks much to the people reviewing and giving us "Best of" declarations. It's very rewarding and generous.

Now back to work for me!


  1. great pictures!
    I've been meaning to send you a link to another Cosmic review I did last year:


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