Production Art - Wonder Woman and Teen Titans

I haven't posted any of Eric's production art in a while. And to be fair, there isn't usually as much generated for Batman: The Brave and the Bold as there is for something like Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures. Usually. In the case of our latest issue, with guest stars Wonder Woman, the Teen Titans, and enemies Nocturna, Egghead and Y'gg Phu Soggoth (Egg Fu) there was a bit of design work that needed to be done.

Primarily there was the question of how to present Wonder Woman. Eric and I are both children of the 70's and subsequently are both influenced heavily by the Superfriends cartoon of that era. This early test cover gives an idea of where we might have gone with Diana:

Now... we produced this months ago. Long before Wonder Woman (briefly) appeared on the show. And we wanted to try to match what might be done with Wonder Woman on the show. Long story short, we had reason to assume Diana would be presented fairly close to her 1950's self. So we altered our original plans and opted for something closer to that iteration. I'm happy with the result, but as Wonder Woman had more of a 1970's Superfriends appearence in her cameo, a little irritated that we didn't just run with our instincts. My editor keeps telling me to trust my judgemnet and not second guess myself. But what does he know? Pff.

Anyway, for me the real treat was that we got to use Donna Troy. There was no question of what outfit we wanted to give her. But as we were determined to present the Titan's as they might have appeared in our former Supergirlbook, there was some concern about making sure she didn't resemble our character Belinda Zee in any superficial manner. Mainly, we tried several hairstyles. A couple of which I included here.

The little curls next to her ears were my idea. For all I know, they're a common part of her design when presented like this. I don't know. All my reference is packed up in boxes right now. In truth, we first used that bit with our creator owned character Little Gloomy, and it was fun to bring a touch of her into the book.

Then there's the guys.

There was no reason to design Speedy. He's been on the show several times. The rest we were on our own to develop. At least, so we thought. Just after we finished working on this a Teen Titans episode of Brave and the Bold aired. And the designs were totally different. Ah well.

Poor one-legged Robin. Didn't make it into the book. Maybe next time.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these, it's great to see behind the old curtain.

  2. Thank you!!!!! These are stupendous!


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