Mad Hatter colors!

I'm sorry Internets. I've been busy and not posting news into the void that is the Computer World. That changes now.

David Baron, colorist on many things, has posted a page from the upcoming issue of Joker's Asylum that I wrote. The page looks just fantastic, a wonderful synthesis of Keith Giffen and Bill Sienkiewicz and the aforementioned David Baron.

Check it out!

Now... it's worth noting to the small assortment of people familiar with my work that this Mad Hatter book is NOT an all-ages comic. I was hired to write something darker, and this is the result.

Funny thing about that, I would argue that Supergirl was a very dark series. It's about a young girl forever separated from her friends and family, met with derision by those her age in her new culture and contempt with those who are meant to teach her about said new culture. She's basically adrift in a world of hate. Even her two closest friends both (on some level) hate her. But it's bright and colorful and she's drawn with big eyes with humorous moments strewn throughout the misery. So therefore it's considered "light".

Well this Mad Hatter story is not "light". So if you're used to buying my books so that you have something to keep your kids entertained... well... just read it yourself first and make the appropriate decision.

I have a few issues of reviews to post. I'm going to try to get to those today or tomorrow. But I've also fallen a bit behind on writing... so it's off to the script making machine for me!


  1. *makes mental note to buy this on Thursday*

  2. Please let me know what you think. Be cruel if necessary!

  3. I loved it. Best book of the week, without a doubt. Wrote a review of it here:

  4. Glad to hear! It was such a different direction than people are used to seeing me go in, particularly those (like you) already familiar with my work, that I was worried it might disappoint. And thanks for the review!


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