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I'm backlogged like crazy, and feel a bit bad about posting the reviews for the Mad Hatter book before posting Btamna: The Brave and the Bold or The Incredibles. But if I don't get this out of the way now, I will never get around to it.

Anj over at Supergirl ComicBox Commentary: "Sympathy ... for the Mad Hatter! It is the sign of excellent writing for a reader to feel for a character like this."

Walt Kneeland over at Comxtreme: "Walker pulls off in this issue is giving us a character with more depth than I've seen previously, while conveying the creepy, semi-tragic nature of the guy."

Thehefner posted a review and discussion at Scans_Daily: "Landry Walker understands a little something about whimsy and character depth while still being dark and unsettling"

Matthew Meylikhov reviewing at Multiversity: "Walker shows us the compulsive disorder that the Hatter struggles with on a daily basis and truly gives us the feeling that the compulsions are heavy and overbearing."

Akamuu at iFanboy: "Mad Hatter's tea obsession being treated as though it was a hard drug was fantastic."

MisterShaw at iFanboy: "This issue did a great job of capturing just how dark and disturbing the Hatter is, but also providing a sense of tragedy because of his deep insanity."

SoldierHawk at Weekly Comic Book Review: "Hatter’s delusions and struggles are deliciously creepy, and his frustration at his inability to find “his Alice” is chilling, and not a little poignant."

Rapideyemovment at iFanboy: "Walker gives Jervis just the right balance of lunacy and obsession"

Thenextchampion at iFanboy: "Mad Hatter is actually quite insane and frightening. - The story can be quite disturbing but it gets fairly predictable towards the end."

MTHarmon at ComicVine: "In this issue you'll see how far his obsession goes and how much of a serious threat the Mad Hatter really is."

Baker1Skter at ComicVine: "I loved the writing it was very top notch, very elegant and really conveyed Mad Hatters insanity."

Icarusflies at ComicVine: "If you're a fan, you should pick this up. If not, you might want to just leave it."

Inferiorego at Comicvine: "I do really like the look into the mind of the Mad Hatter, but it wasn't enough."

Saranga at Paiwings: "Far and away the best book of the week, and not something I had expected to be written by the same guy who did Supergirl Cosmic Adventures."

Chad Nevett at CBR: "Walker’s writing, like the art, has a nice balance as it winds between the pathetic qualities of Tetch and the insane qualities."

Martin Gray on his blog Too Dangerous for a Girl: "Landry Walker takes us in one direction but, step by step, swerves into less comfortable territory entirely."

Googum at Random Happenstance: " Landry Quinn Walker delivers a good, disturbing story with a guy I always thought of as a C-list Batman villain"

Chris Murphy at ComicsAlliance: "Walker's stream-of-consciousness narration by the Hatter himself helps the reader gain an appreciation of the hectic, troubled workings of Tetch's mind."

Jason Todd at Jason Todd's Comic Spot wrote: "Story sucked, writing sucked, art sucked, and Joker rhyming sucked"

Then there are the Podcasts:

Al and Paul at House to Astonish. The relevant section is at 32:53, though the entire podcast is well worth a listen: From the podcast: "If you like batman, this is a comic you should be picking up..."

Justin and Hunter at Gotham Podcast (They have the best theme song, by the way) enjoyed the book and take special note of the color work of David Baron and overall felt: "Everything about this issue I really really enjoyed". I can't get the file to play at their normal website, so you can listen to the podcast here. The relevant section is about two-thirds in.

ComiXology seemed to feel that the book was the right balance between art and story.  "I feel so bad for Mad Hatter in this, and then they turn it right back around and tell you why you shouldn't feel bad for him." Also worth a mention, they interview my former Incredibles co-writer Mark Waid extensively about many things (including the Incredibles) in this same podcast.

Now there's the Youtube links:

Link 1: 

Link 2:

Link 3:

And that's basically it. Couple of short notes. While the majority of reviews are positive, there are a couple of medium to negative reviews. That's just inevitable, particularly as this (being closer to DCU continuity) is the highest profile DC work I have done. I posted the reviews because once, during our run of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures, a friend assumed that I cherry picked the reviews just to highlight the positive. I don't. Opinions, the entire range, are equally valid. So they're all here, as far as I am aware.

Okay. That was less of a short note than I intended. Anyway...

In the next day or so I will post some of Eric's artwork from the Mad Hatter series. He was invited to do the pencils for the book, and went as far as to provide samples. Unfortunately his commitments on Batman: The Brave and the Bold had to come first and he declined teh actual job. There's some neat art that came out of it that i will happily share.

And an extra special thanks needs to go out to Keith Giffen. he came in late in the game and produced amazingly. Alot of he finer points of storytelling here (the post-it notes and the portrayal of the Hatter's scrapbook/storybook and quite a bit more) came from him. He went above and beyond to make me look good. So thanks to him, thanks to David Baron and Bill Sienkiewicz and especially editor Mike Siglain for putting the whole thing together.


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