In stores! Batman: The Brave and the Bold issue 18!

Yeah... this arrived a week or two ago. But with the convention looming and a 160 page graphic novel to work on... well... you know. Anyway, here's some reviews.

BWMEDIA SPOTLIGHT: "Even if you have the sampler, I recommend picking this up."

CBR: "...another example of a solid superhero comic written and drawn well."

Axiom's Edge: "Another good kid-friendly “epic” in this line."

Every Day is Like Wednesday: "I love Walker’s Brave and the Bold Batman."

Pull List Podcast: "One of my favorite teams on Batman: The Brave and the Bold." 

Hero Sandwich: "Verdict: Thumbs up. Fun story with a few twists and turns. "

ComixTreme: "Walker and Jones are easily one of the finest creative teams doing all-ages comics today, and while this is good work, it's not really their best."

Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog: "Good stuff in this one, but I wonder if it'll go above the heads of some younger readers?"

In general, this isn't my favorite of our issues. The structure of the book (an 8 pager and a 12 pager) was an abrupt shift, and due to the decision to have a part of this issue included in Free Comic Book Day, I only had a few hours to write both stories. That said, this issue also has one of my favorite moments:

I lifted the scan from the ShadowWing Tronix at BWMEDIA. Because I'm too lazy to scan it myself. Plus: I don't have a copy yet.


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