Little Gloomy television series

A decade after the first issue was released upon an unsuspecting populace, Little Gloomy/The Super Scary Monster Show is coming back in a new form:

"Timoon Animation and director Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures have teamed up to produce the $7 million animated series Scary Larry, Variety reports."

Any long time readers will note that there are some structural and visual differences between the show and the comic. The majority (but certainly not all) of these were implemented by Eric and myself when re-imagining Gloomy for the world of television. Gloomy as a comic character was always in a state of redevelopment. Much of what can be seen in this teaser preview represents what might have been a third comic series, had we had the time and inclination to publish a third series.

For any non-long time readers, here's some examples of the evolution of Gloomy:

Originally designed for a anthology comic series edited by Scott Morse that never materialized, Gloomy and friends showed their Harvey Comics inspiration a little strongly:

For the first SLG series, Gloomy and friends were refined a bit, starring in a large, slow paced story that was meant to emulate the pacing of 1940's horror films.

The second SLG series was meant to showcase how Little Gloomy might be represented in television series form, with shorter stories of a more acerbic nature and a new art style.

Concurrent to the SLG series, Little Gloomy, in both her second and third incarnations, was a regular feature in Disney Adventures Magazine.

That's a quick and dirty look at the history of Gloomy. For the record, Gloomy's real name in the comics was always Charlotte - but never mentioned. She was the great granddaughter of Dracula, a story plot we didn't get to in the comics. But when asked to give a real name for the show we choose Victoria, because we're crazy for alliteration and we had decided to make her a vampire. The band thing was also our idea, though in truth we imagined a band more similar in musical style to the Horror Pops or maybe The Cramps.

So anyway, the show has been greelighted for 52 13 minute episodes. We're not directly involved with the production, so we can't say what to expect and when to expect it. We also can't predict some of the changes that may yet come. Regardless, the comic is now going to be a television show. Weird.


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