Dylan Williams and our imaginary feud...

Things keep coming back to me. There's 20 years of history constantly welling up in my mind whenever I stop repressing my gut reaction to this.

Sometime in the mid-nineties, Dylan and I began an imaginary feud. This was mostly born out of a response to some poorly informed observations made about Eric Jones and myself and our relationships with certain people (Dylan included) that Ariel Bordeaux had made in an interview (1997?). The same interviewer was speaking to us and doing a Puppy Toss retrospective article for a local Berkeley paper, and Dylan and I each spoke separately to him about the huge conflict between us that never happened. I think Eric was in on this fabrication too. We claimed that it all ended in a brutal fist fight. We tried to spread word of this feud whenever possible, but I don't think anyone actually ever believed it. Eventually, we just gave up.

Eric, Dylan and I also had plans on working together under the name Darcy Lynn Lidera (I'm probably misspelling it, it was a combination of our three names). We did a one page piece, meant to appear in an anthology that Scott Morse invited us to participate in. Sadly, that anthology (also the comic Little Gloomy was originally created for) was never published. I believe Scott (maybe) still has the original page, something I will have to harass him about someday.

Dylan took the art of comics very seriously. But he found taking ourselves as comics creators seriously, in an industry that should be fun, kind of amusing. We never had the energy to really pursue the practical jokes we planned. But we liked planning them.


  1. You guys were mischievous bastards. I have a feeling it was probably a good thing your Darcy Lynn Lidera thing didn't see the light of day!


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