Danger Club #5 - Preview!

Alright. The book is late, and we're doing everything we can to ensure that it's lateness ends. In the meantime, here's some pages - as usual, illustrated by Eric Jones and colored by Rusty Drake with flatting assists by Pannel Vaughn. Oh, and written by me - Landry Q. Walker. But if you're reading this you probably already know that part.

Not the best week for Jack Fearless, it seems. Much, much more to come.


  1. Don't worry about it being late, we all understand how crazy it must have been for everyone. Hope everything is settling down now though

  2. Love the series and although the wait for the next issue can be annoying its not a huge problem. The book is always good when it does show up. Just a simple request though if you could. I'd like to see one page showcasing the characters; highlighting their codenames, abilites, etc. Reading so many books right now and watching so many shows, sometimes its a tad hard to keep track of names.

  3. Hello, I aplogize that this comment is not about Danger Club, but I would love to find out about something and am not sure else how to make the request. My son and I were really into the Boom Kids Incredibles book, and found it extremely frustrating to have the storyline end where it did. I know that was not your fault, but wonder if you know if there is any chance of Marvel/Disney finally running the end of that story.
    Thanks so much,
    Rick B.

    1. Unfortunately I have no news on the Incredibles. The last arc was written, I think part of it was even drawn. But it's in Marvel's hands now.

  4. This comic is so addicting. can't wait any longerrrrr~~~~

    thanks for the preview, ma'am!

  5. I enjoy this comic, and I appreciate that there are good reasons for the long wait between issues.

    But I've got to ask: Do you have any updates on when issue #5 is going to be released? Is it finished yet?


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